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BridleWood Signature Required - Breeding Contract

Thank you for considering Signature for your mare.  To book please fill in the contract below.  Once submitted, you will receive an email with a copy of the contract and payment instructions. 

We no longer ship via FedEx without a provided (current) account.  If you wish to receive shipments via FedEx you must provide an account number in the contract below.  All other shipments are sent out via UPS.  All UPS shipments are paid for at the time semen is requested via the Payments Page.

Please take a moment and review our blackout dates before booking your mare… Calendar of Unavailable Ship Dates

This agreement is made and entered into between Megan Burtness, BridleWood Welsh, and the  “Mare Owner” listed at the end of the Contract.  The Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare listed at the end of this contract to BridleWood Signature Required, via Shipped Fresh cooled semen or AI. Mare owner will pay a stallion service fee in the amount of $750 ($650 for returning customers), which includes the booking fee. The stallion service fee is payable with this contract.

This agreement is subject to the following conditions:

The stallion service fee must be paid in full and all shipping fees must be paid prior to any semen being shipped. 
Exception being if a FedEx account is provided for all shipping. 

All Collection charges for two heat cycles are included in the Stud Fee.  If the mare fails to vet-check in foal after the second heat cycled shipped on, BridleWood Welsh reserves the right to request a reproductive soundness exam be performed by a licensed veterinarian and/or a clean culture be provided from said mare.  If the mare owner does not wish to comply with the request, an alternate mare may be substituted at that time or the mare owner can elect to pay for further collections on the original mare at the value of $150 per collection in addition to all shipping fees.  If a new mare is substituted, the provided collections with the contract start over allowing for free collections through 2 breeding cycles. 

The mare owner is responsible for all shipping charges and return of container shipping charges.  Mare owner may provide a FedEx  account number if shipping via FedEx to cover all exact shipping charges or may elect to pay an all-inclusive fee (select fee based on shipping method preference on the payments page) to BridleWood Welsh to cover shipping and return shipping charges.  Semen will only be shipped via FedEx or UPS Monday – Friday.  All fees MUST be paid before any collections will take place without exception. Any / all payments may be made via the Payments Page, or with PayPal friends & Family with funds being sent to [email protected], via Venmo to [email protected], or by mailing a check to Megan Burtness 7605 Chimney Rock Rd. Paso Robles, Ca. 93446.  The check must be made out to Megan Burtness.

All shipping Equitainers must be returned back to the address provided (Ship to:  Christopher Burtness 2501 Golden Hill Rd. Paso Robles, CA. 93446), complete with all parts, within 5 business days and they MUST be returned in the corrugated box they were sent in.  Failure to return the container in the provided box, or one of identical size, will result in a $50 fee to the mare owner. The mare owner is responsible for the replacement of any container or parts that are not returned in the same condition they were shipped in.  BridleWood Welsh does not charge a rental fee for the use of the shipping containers in an effort to save the Mare Owner money, but the mare owner is required to cover the loss or damage to any and all parts of the Equitainer as a term of this contract.

Live Foal guarantee: If the mare fails to conceive during the first breeding season, the Mare Owner may breed the same mare in the following years.  If a mare fails to conceive, a different mare may be substituted upon approval. Once a mare conceives, if the resulting foal is stillborn or dies before 7 days of age, the mare owner may return the same mare or a different mare to be rebred. This guarantee will apply only if notification of the foal’s death is made to BridleWood Welsh within 48 hours of the foal’s death.  Statements by a licensed veterinarian of the details of the foal’s death must follow within 10 days or the Live Foal Guarantee becomes null and void.  The live foal guarantee is expressly contingent upon the mare owner properly caring for the pregnant mare. Proper care shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, proper feeding and nutrition, regular deworming with products approved for pregnant mares, vaccinations that are customary in the mare owners geographical area, and proper intervention during foaling if necessary.

A breeding certificate for registration with the WPCSA will be issued by the Stallion Owner in conjunction with the filing of the Stallion Service Report at the conclusion of the breeding season as long as all fees have been paid by the mare owner outlined in this contract resulting in automatic registration eligibility.  You will need to enter “BridleWood Signature Required” as the name of the sire and “B52933” as his registration number in addition the info needed on the mare and the resulting foal being registered.  To register the resulting foal please visit  It is our goal to make all processes as easy as possible for all of our mare owners.  Unless we otherwise advise you, please expect your resulting foal to be automatically eligible for registration with WPCSA without any further action needed other than completing the Registration Application and fulfilling the steps required from you only in the registration process.  

The Mare Owner understands that the stallion will not be available during shows. All unavailable dates will be posted on our Collection Calendar and known in advance. The breeding blackout dates are clearly listed on our Collection Calendar.  The stallion is otherwise guaranteed to be available for breeding, barring any unforeseeable circumstance, only if the Mare Owner or his/her agent notifies the Stallion Owner no later than 4:00 pm (Pacific time) the day before the date when a semen specimen is required to be collected and shipped.

Every effort will be made to ship two breeding doses per shipment, but BridleWood Welsh only guarantees one dose per requested shipment.  If a second dose is required by the Mare Owner, it is the responsibility of the Mare Owner to order a second shipment and all fees apply.   

For the purpose of this contract, the term “breeding season” shall be defined as the period from February 1 to June 1 at which time all breeding will be discontinued until the following season.  Shipments may be made after June 1st upon request but will be subject to our availability at the time.
This contract is not assignable or transferable without written consent.

When the mare owner signs and submits this contract (and it is signed by Megan Burtness, BridleWood Welsh and returned via e-mail), it becomes a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions. The mare owner irrevocably agrees that his/her sole recourse against BridleWood Welsh with respect to the performance or non-performance of this contract is return of the stallion service fee, less the booking fee. Stallion services fees are not refunded unless the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service. In that eventuality, the mare owner may choose a refund of the service fee, or choose a breeding to another stallion owned by BridleWood Welsh.  The terms of this contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Californi

BridleWood Signature Required - Breeding Contract

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