At BridleWood Welsh we strive to produce a very specific type of pony…A top of the line quality Sec. B Welsh Pony to be very specific that is modern looking, of a good size, has body, beauty, depth, bone, screams “Welsh” when you look at it, and very importantly the mind to do a job…do it well…and do it with a kid!!  Great care has been taken in the selection of broodmares and stallions and we have been proving the worth of our current breeding program for a decade.  A decade of winning in the show-ring in both halter and performance.  A decade of careful selection and adjustments to all the little details and so on.  We are extremely proud of the standard of Sec. B we are consistently producing.  Our website is under construction at the moment and while this page is up and running we have a few updates to do to it so we invite you to check back soon to see our new look on this page as well.

Please enjoy your tour of some of our youngstock and join our vision at BridleWood Welsh with a pony from pour sales page or by booking your lovely mare to one of our stallions.


candee_mb_079 andeeIMG_7876 gemIMG_7383
BridleWood Sweet Deesire
US National Champion

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BridleWood In Deemand
HOTY zone 10 PHB yearling 3rd place

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BridleWood In Style
Clanfair Signature X Land’s End Swallowtail

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IMG_5152 (800x666) BC_sand twinkyIMG_8997
BridleWood Signature Deesign
US National Champion

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BridleWood The Celebrity
SW Region 3rd Place

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BridleWood Guilty Pleasure
HOTY zone 10 Res. Ch PHB yearling

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IMG_2565 (800x576) IMG_5605 (533x800).jpg IMG_3263 (724x800)
BridleWood Deesigner Label
Yearling Colt

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BridleWood Southern Style
Yearling Filly

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BridleWood Class Act
Yearling Filly

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IMG_3649 (800x680) IMG_7411 (800x678) IMG_7507 (800x533)
BridleWood Bacardee
Yearling Colt

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BridleWood Most Fortunate
Yearling Filly

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BridleWood Her Name In Lights
Yearling Filly

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