We have been very blessed the past few years with the fillies we have produced.  Some of them have been made available for your consideration…

BridleWood Grande Jeté
Clanfair Signature X Grande Plié
For Sale

IMG_9614 (1)

BridleWood Showstopper
Clanfair Signature X Goldhills Broadway Lights


BridleWood Steel Magnolia
Clanfair Signature X Boca’s Miss Marilyn Monroe
For Sale

BridleWood Off Broadway
BridleWood Signature Deesign X Goldhills Broadway Lights
For Sale

IMG_9127 (1024x683)

BridleWood In Fashion
BridleWood Signature Deesign X Land’s End Swallowtail
For Sale

IMG_4738 (1024x692)

BridleWood Class Act
Clanfair Signature X Boca’s Miss Marilyn Monroe

BridleWood Hot Toddee
*Cadlanvalley Manhatten X BridleWood Sweet Deesire

BridleWood Most Of All
Goldhills Most Wanted X Sugarbrook Blue Candy

BridleWood Southern Style
Clanfair Signature X Luella’s Southern Bell
Co-Owned by Sandra Gebo