Frozen Contract 
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  • Please completely fill out the Breeding contract below.
  • Payment may be maid with the contract via Paypal (after hitting submit you will be redirected to Paypal to complete the transaction)
  • The payment section may be skipped on the form if a check is mailed to Megan Burtness PO Box 1076 Paso Robles, CA. 93447
  • Payment may also be made separately from the contract via Paypal Friends & Family.  Simply send the correct funds to [email protected]
  • We must have complete payment before doses can be shipped.
  • After hitting submit scroll back down the page to make sure you see the submission completion message.  If an error was made in the form the issue will be highlighted for correction.  
  • Make the correction and hit submit again.  You will not be charged until you correctly submit the form.
  • Take care to type your e-mail into the form correctly as a copy for your records will be e-mailed to you.
  • If you have any questions or problems please e-mail:  [email protected]


This agreement, made and entered into between Megan Burtness, BridleWood Welsh and the  “Mare Owner” listed at the end of the Contract.  The Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare listed at the end of this contract to BridleWood Signature Deesign, via Frozen semen.  The stallion service fee is payable with this contract, and purchases two breeding doses (16 total straws).

This agreement is subject to the following conditions:

Mare Owner will contact and arrange shipment of frozen semen with River Grove Veterinary Services (805) 467-7329.  Once full payment is received BridleWood Welsh will instruct River Grove Veterinary Services to release the doses of semen.  All shipping agreements will be between River Grove Veterinary Services and the Mare Owner.

Live Foal guarantee: If the mare fails to conceive with the two purchased doses the Mare Owner can request additional doses of frozen semen if any are available.  Alternatively, the Mare Owner can opt to alter the breeding contract to Clanfair Signature via fresh cooled semen.  In the event of transferring stallions collection charges will be waived, but the mare owner will be responsible for any and all shipment charges of semen.  Once a mare conceives, if the resulting foal is stillborn or dies before standing and nursing, the mare owner may return the same mare or a different mare to be rebred. This guarantee will apply only if notification of the foal’s death plus the breeding certificate issued by the Stallion Owner is sent to the Stallion Owner by registered mail within 48 hours of the foal’s death. Statements by a licensed veterinarian of the details of the foal’s death must follow within 10 days or the Live Foal Guarantee becomes null and void.
The live foal guarantee is expressly contingent upon the mare owner properly caring for the pregnant mare. Proper care shall include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, proper feeding and nutrition, regular deworming with products approved for pregnant mares, vaccinations that are customary in the mare owners geographical area, and proper intervention during foaling if necessary.

The Mare Owner will be issued a valid breeding certificate for the WPCSA by the Stallion Owner when the mare is checked in foal, all paperwork has been returned, and all fees and/or expenses have been paid. 

Prior to using the doses of semen Mare Owner MUST fill out the Frozen Semen Usage Form.  E-mail [email protected] to be given the link to the form when needed.

When the mare owner signs and submits this contract (and it is singed by Megan Burtness, BridleWood Welsh and returned via e-mail), it becomes a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions. The mare owner irrevocably agrees that his/her sole recourse against BridleWood Welsh with respect to the performance or non-performance of this contract is return of the stallion service fee, less the booking fee. Stallion services fees are not refunded unless the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service. In that event, the mare owner may choose a refund of the service fee, or choose a breeding to another stallion owned by BridleWood Welsh.  The terms of this contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

  • All FedEx shipping details will be sent to this e-mail when semen is shipped. This is also the address we will e-mail a signed version of this contract to.
  • By typing your name in the field above above you are signing your name to the above contract and all terms and conditions will apply.
  • Price: $700.00 Quantity:
    Provides two breeding doses. Payment with this form is completely optional. Payment can be maid via personal check made out to Megan Burtness and mailed to 7300 Chimney Rock Rd. Paso Robles, CA 93446 or sent via PayPal Friends and Family to [email protected] Both of these payment forms are preferred over credit card payment.
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